About the Photographer, D. H. Aaron:

I am a lifelong photographer who worked as an engineer before turning to full-time photography. I hold a Engineering degree and many computer-related certificates. I've also worked as an industrial photographer, an audio-visual, multi-media specialist, a developer of 3D modeling and animation, and a photo retoucher. I am a member of the Photographic Resource Center in Boston, Mass. I have been Influenced by such photographers as Walker Evans and Fredrick Sommer. I experiment with a wide range of photographic processes and digital picture-making techniques to enhance my artistry.

I photograph icons of industrial antiquity; well worn, maybe still in use, maybe long abandoned to rust on the landscape. Think of the industrial plants, the machinery, old cars, barges, ships, and the boarded-up back door where once mankind entered the factory. Who was he? He was us. I photograph where he played; the roller coaster, the pool hall. We are all attached to these man-made objects through our humanity.

I am inspired by off-the-beaten path places in New England; marshlands, eroded beaches, deserted shipyards, old urban neighborhoods, or architecturally interesting sites. Print # 10 shows the stairs of a subway station leading from underground darkness upward to a wall of glass cubes distorting light.

I photograph people as they relate to the environment; on the streets, embarking from a bus, or as they sit in cafes. Each photo is the story of that person at the moment they interact with the surroundings.